My name is Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker. I'm an Evolutionary Biologist and a Biomimicry Professional–my passion is innovation inspired by nature.

I've spent forty years studying creatures and the ecosystems they live in, looking for the deep patterns that stand the test of time. Today I mostly work for companies, helping them identify and apply these ancient solutions to their own human challenges, and write and speak about sustainable solutions inspired by nature's genius. 

Every creature alive is a survivor. Their ways of life have been exquisitely honed over billions of years, and these are proven winners. Geckos climb walls, the octopus morphs in color and shape, disappearing into any background. Sharkskin repels bacteria, the owl glides in complete silence. Nature has its own means of capturing and storing energy, manufacturing materials, and repairing tissues. Living things survive drought and disease, keep precious things dry and safe, and evade parasites with the best security systems imaginable. They even run vast organizations containing tens of millions of individuals – sustainably and profitably.

Every problem we face has already been solved for us, and the answers are all around us.

All we have to do is look.