My name is Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker. 

I’m on a mission to change the way we work. 

I'm an Evolutionary Biologist and Anthropologist, with almost 30 years experience studying nature's most successful adaptations. I'm also a business woman, with two decades helping companies unlock more Innovation, better Teams, and greater Sustainability.

My passion is helping leading edge growth companies innovate, collaborate, and grow by tapping nature's proven strategies.

Every species is a survivor, with ways of life honed over billions of years. Geckos walk up walls, sharkskin repels bacteria, our immune systems evade parasites using a clever security system. Meanwhile, ants and honeybees manage vast organizations, sustainably and profitably. All are proven winners that have stood the test of time. No matter what, they adapt to change, weathering disruption to build value from one generation to the next.

The companies I work with often struggle with engagement, innovation, and change. I help them change the way they do business by tapping nature's ancient, proven strategies to create agile, high-performance, purpose-driven teams. The results are more meaningful, creative, authentic lives for employees, and companies that thrive on changeOur larger economies, societies, and ecosystems become healthier and more abundant as a result.

What is your company's greatest challenge?

Do you need to scale up? Lead for change? Cultivate engagement and shared purpose? Perhaps you want to facilitate more diverse and inclusive teams, or be more efficient, productive, or sustainable. Or maybe you have a specific product or service that needs a new perspective. 

Whatever your challenge, rest assured that nature has an app for that. Every problem has been solved for us, and the answers are all around.

So come join me! Let nature be your guide to evolving a more resilient, adaptive, responsive organization that creates lasting, growing value. You'll be glad you did.