I’m Dr. Tamsin. 

I'm an Evolutionary Biologist, Anthropologist, and Biomimicry Professional, with almost 30 years experience studying nature's strategies. Today I bring these solutions to a Fortune 500 clientele, helping leaders and companies unlock greater innovation, agility, engagement, and resilience as a result. Every organism is a survivor, honed over billions of years to survive and thrive in a complex world.

Biomimicry is exciting, and the engineers, designers, and leaders are invariably on fire with new ideas and potential. But as their ideas get slow-tracked, or sidelined, or watered down, and their individual diversity and initiative is silenced, these passionate and creative individuals get frustrated and disengage. The fact of the matter is that our organizations aren’t designed to adapt change.

In a complex world, the structure becomes the strategy. We simply must design organizations that thrive on change.

We desperately need a better way to work. And the answer is all around us: ants and honeybees have managed their vast organizations for millions of years, surviving and thriving on change. Their strategies are simple and profound, and we can do it too.

When we do, we see incredible gains in agility, productivity, and innovation - numbers like these:

  • 17 times faster execution and effectiveness

  • 85% more productivity and innovation

  • 250% longer tenure

  • Double worker engagement

You can get these kinds of gains too.