Waggl Dance Webinar

I met so many interesting people in San Francisco and Oakland this week. Two of the most interesting were Kate Benedictsson and Julia Winn from Waggl. This start-up is seriously bioinspired, taking inspiration from the collective intelligence of the honeybee waggle dance. TEEMING is right up their alley, of course, and they invited me to do a webinar for Waggl. I had a lot of fun with this one-and I hope the audience did too!

How would nature design a company? Networked societies like ants, bees, and fungi scale their vast organizations differently than we do-- by pooling diverse and independent experiences to create rich hotspots of abundance. We can benefit from nature's solutions in building resilient, adaptive organizations. Dr. Tamsin's discuss organizational innovation, collective intelligence and swarm creativity, and mechanisms organizations can use to create trust and transparency


Biomimicry and Biophilia Take Seattle by Storm (and also, Van Jones)


This week took me to the International Living Future Institute's Unconference in Seattle. There was quite a Biomimicry contingent among these green designers. My dear friend Jane Toner even came out from Australia to give a workshop on incorporating Biophilia and Biomimicry into the Living Building Challenge, along with Plant Solutions moss wall guru Joe Zazzera,  Diana Hammer at the EPA, and Bay Area architect Peggy Chu. Stay tuned for my interview with them on Inhabitat, where they discuss their upcoming book. Jamie Dwyer of Biomimicry 3.8 showed the audience how to design with Biomimicry, and Alexandra Ramsden and Jennifer Barnes did it for arcgitecture! Biomimicry and Biophilia are clearly exploding in popularity among the green build and architectural communities. We are hitting critical mass! The conference was also super exciting for me personally, because I finally got to hold a copy of TEEMING in my little paws, fresh from White Cloud Press! My first book signing, with a great audience!

Biomimicry in Hawaii (Life Imitates Art)

Today I'm heading off to Hawaii for the VERGE Hawaii Asia Clean Energy Summit. Hawaii is extraordinarily progressive on environmental issues, and well ahead of the curve on implementing Biomimicry. Obama explicitly wants biomimicry included in his presidential library design, and HOK was inspired by the monkeypod trees around Honolulu for the NOAA Daniel K. Inouye Regional Center. There are Biomimicry education initiatives at the Punahou school in Kailua and another one at Haleiwa's Sunset Elementary. Polaris has a biomimicry initiative, as does the University of Hawaii. For good reason - Hawaii is a biologist's paradise and an exciting natural laboratory for understanding evolutionary processes. While I'm here, I'll be leading a Biomimicry Hike at the historic Lyon Arboretum in the Manoa Valley, with interim director Carl Evenson. The Arboretum is amazing, but the reforestation work they've done in the valley is truly remarkable. Not all the species are native, but the restoration of ecological services has a dramatic effect for the whole island, increasing the water supply and reducing erosion to preserve valuable soil. 

Biomimicry Feels So Good Here

Aloha! Hawaiian biology is particularly close to my heart, because I had the extraordinary good fortune to pursue my botany studies here as a freshman in college. Back in 1988, I spent a semester backpacking in the backcountry of the Big Island and Kauai, studying biogeography and evolution with Professor Bill Lester from Cal Poly and the Sierra Institute - One of the most amazing and formative experiences of my entire life! Bill set me on the path I still walk today. Hawaii is The ultimate natural laboratory for studying the miracle of evolution, and Biomimicry feels so good here. There is so much to be inspired by.  I put together a kit for exploring this - 17 biology and biome cards highlighting special native organisms and deep evolutionary patterns,  all truly grounded in place, along with a selection of my evolving adaptive organizations cards (designed to accompany TEEMING) that seem especially relevant to Biomimicry here. I hope to turn this into a genius of place booklet, celebrating and highlighting Biomimicry's potential for design here. Who knows, maybe I'll get an invitation to play! Please let me know if you've got a special Island project I can help you with. Mahalo!

Plug into Jerry's Brain...

The Institute for the Future's Jerry Michalski and I had been talking about doing one of his REXpedition calls for a long time, and we finally got the opportunity! This was a fascinating virtual meet up of great minds, including Jamais Cascio and Jerry (creator of Jerry's Brain) himself. It was exhilarating to discuss a better, more bioinspired future with these amazing folks. Humbling! Thanks for having me on, Jerry!