Bay Area Workshop Tour in April!

I'm excited to announce that Innovation Biologist and expert facilitator Dr. Leen Gorissen will be coming from Belgium to join me and Bay Area convener Yeshua Adonai for a workshop tour through Impact Hub Oakland! We'll be introducing nature's proven strategies for resilience, adaptivity, and teamwork, as I describe in Teeming: How Superorganisms Work to Build Infinite Wealth in a Finite World––which debuts May 1! We are currently offering five 90 minute presentations and a full-day Earth Day workshop on topics like Collective Intelligence, Swarm Creativity, Distributed Leadership, Teamwork, Reciprocity and Sharing, the Two Percent Difference between our closest ape relatives and ourselves, and Regenerative Value––chock-full of evolutionarily proven solutions to an organization's most pressing challenges. You can register for these events at

Impact Hub Oakland members may use discount code iho50 for a 50% discount on the full-day workshop. 

Please email for more information or to set up a workshop for your own organization.

We look forward to seeing you!