Biomimicry Feels So Good Here

Aloha! Hawaiian biology is particularly close to my heart, because I had the extraordinary good fortune to pursue my botany studies here as a freshman in college. Back in 1988, I spent a semester backpacking in the backcountry of the Big Island and Kauai, studying biogeography and evolution with Professor Bill Lester from Cal Poly and the Sierra Institute - One of the most amazing and formative experiences of my entire life! Bill set me on the path I still walk today. Hawaii is The ultimate natural laboratory for studying the miracle of evolution, and Biomimicry feels so good here. There is so much to be inspired by.  I put together a kit for exploring this - 17 biology and biome cards highlighting special native organisms and deep evolutionary patterns,  all truly grounded in place, along with a selection of my evolving adaptive organizations cards (designed to accompany TEEMING) that seem especially relevant to Biomimicry here. I hope to turn this into a genius of place booklet, celebrating and highlighting Biomimicry's potential for design here. Who knows, maybe I'll get an invitation to play! Please let me know if you've got a special Island project I can help you with. Mahalo!