Waggl Dance Webinar

I met so many interesting people in San Francisco and Oakland this week. Two of the most interesting were Kate Benedictsson and Julia Winn from Waggl. This start-up is seriously bioinspired, taking inspiration from the collective intelligence of the honeybee waggle dance. TEEMING is right up their alley, of course, and they invited me to do a webinar for Waggl. I had a lot of fun with this one-and I hope the audience did too!

How would nature design a company? Networked societies like ants, bees, and fungi scale their vast organizations differently than we do-- by pooling diverse and independent experiences to create rich hotspots of abundance. We can benefit from nature's solutions in building resilient, adaptive organizations. Dr. Tamsin's discuss organizational innovation, collective intelligence and swarm creativity, and mechanisms organizations can use to create trust and transparency