TEEMING Hits Nigeria!


Ebenezar Wikina is an amazing young man with incredible vision and determination, who has touched hundreds of thousands of lives through his mobile phone (a dumb one, not a smart one!), on which he writes The Stroll––interviews with thought leaders all over the world (even me!). Read his story here, it's inspiring: https://ijnet.org/en/blog/journalist-month-ebenezar-wikina. I am honored to know you Ebenezar!

"My excitement last night was 💯 when I got home to see that the long awaited package from San Diego had arrived 🙌. When I study biomimicry online I always feel bad that I can't lay my hands on Janine's "Innovation Inspired by Nature", but this totally makes up for it. Thank you so much Dr Tamsin Woolley-Barker 💟 This means a loooootttttt. Came at a very perfect time when I was already studying the intersection of #biology and #journalism."