Biomimicry Global Design Challenge 2019 - webinar

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Every year, the Biomimicry Institute hosts the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge. Generously funded by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, the Challenge is a powerful way to introduce students to biomimicry while developing solutions to real-life problems facing our world today.

I had the great honor of giving a webinar to this years’ first round winners, who have been participating in an Incubator run by Biomimicry San Diego founder, Jacques Chirazi.

Here’s the challenge:

“Earth has always been a changing planet, but the climate and ecological changes humans have set in motion in the last century are like nothing our species has experienced before. Hungry for energy, food, and other resources, our growing populations are pushing Earth’s systems toward a tipping point. To reverse course, we need a new generation of innovators, who know how to create human materials, products, and systems that are regenerative, circular, and generous to all species.

Your challenge is this: Create a nature-inspired innovation (product, service, or system) that combats climate change by either:

  • Helping communities adapt to or mitigate climate change impacts, or

  • Reversing or slowing climate change

Are you ready to learn how to design generously through the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge?