James Nestor Talks to Sperm Whales



Last year I made it up to Saratoga to see James Nestor talk about his fascinating research on free-diving, which became his fantastic book, DEEP.

Truly, the capacity of the human body is nothing short of stunning. Even more compelling is how free-diving allows researchers to get intimate with the enigmatic sperm whale. James told us about how they’ve been getting up close with these giants and recording their communications.

2017-11-17 13.44.58.png

I was completely transfixed, and when he told us about the project and commented “we just have to figure out what to call it,” I immediately thought of CETI, as a play on SETI, the extraterrestrial communications project. I went up and suggested it, and look what I just found in the news! That touches me mightily, and maybe someday I’ll get up close to a sperm whale and tell them about it in their own language!