Collective Intelligence

What can Superorganisms teach us about Collective Intelligence in the Workplace?

We design our companies to run like standardized and stable machines, with narrow jobs and fixed units. Directions come from the top, and pass through many layers to reach the frontlines. It's expensive, unstable, and doesn't respond well to change.

Living things work in a very different way––using Self-Organization. It appears blundery and slow, like a zig-zagging junebug, but superorganism societies like the ants and bees thrive on it. These ancient organizations nimbly sense and respond to change by pooling their diverse and independent actions and perspectives. This is Collective Intelligence, and we can put it to work in our organizations as well. 

Here is my 18-minute TED-style video from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's annual Disruptive Innovation FestivalWhat can Superorganisms teach us about Collective Intelligence?, shot in one of my favorite places––the breathtakingly beautiful Anza Borrego Desert! Enjoy!