Disruptive Innovation Strikes Again

Just had the pleasure of participating in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's annual Disruptive Innovation Festival! Here is the 18-minute TED-style video from it, all about What can Superorganisms teach us about Collective Intelligence? It's shot in one of my favorite places––the breathtakingly beautiful Anza Borrego Desert!

Enjoy, and THANK YOU for watching!

The Book on Amazon! And DrTamsin.com is Live!

Juicy update!

Things are picking up steam over here. We have a March 2017 publication date for the book, now titled Teeming: How Superorganisms Work to Build Infinite Wealth in a Finite World. It's available on Amazon now. The publisher tells me they already have 1500 preorders in the US, and more internationally! This is very good... Barnes and Noble picked it up, which is apparently a rare and wonderful thing! Sounds good to me, anyway.

Meanwhile, I've launched the new website. Head over to DrTamsin.com and check it out! You can subscribe to my newsletter, and see what I've been up to!