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What if Business Was BioInspired? (from the Sustainable Brands Conference)

I had the pleasure of attending the Sustainable Brands Conference in San Diego last week as a member of the press. It's always exciting to see big name corporations embracing sustainability, but this year I felt like a tipping point is in the works. Many big names are now trying to go beyond sustainability, and into regeneration. Could ecosystems thinking become a reality? Here is an article I wrote for Triple Pundit on my take. More to come!

The Global Biomimicry Conference

In June, I had the great pleasure of participating in the 7th Annual Biomimicry Education Summit, and the first ever Biomimicry 3.8 Global Conference, hosted together by the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

Over 350 dedicated, talented, and far-thinking teachers, designers, architects, biologists, industrialists, and policy-makers from across the globe came together to ask "How can humans create conditions conducive to Life?" Not just sustainable economies, cities, and manufacturing, but a regenerative way of life that creates biodiversity instead of destroying it.

Over the course of three intense and exciting days, three major themes emerged:

  • How would nature design buildings and cities that fulfill the ecosystem services of the original habitats they replaced? 
  • How would nature design the materials we use to build them? 
  • And how would nature redesign our whole economy to encourage such regeneration? 
And lucky me, I was asked by Triple Pundit to cover these themes for their readers. Check out my five part series here! Number three (on 3D printers) is my favorite.