From the tide pools to the rainforest – and everywhere in between – a dazzling array of nature’s proven strategies and structures inspire and instruct us on what lasts.

Bumps on the leading edge of the humpback whale’s flippers minimize turbulence - wind turbine blades that mimic them are 60% more efficient. Lotus leaves are completely water-repellent, and as water beads up and rolls off them, dirt is cleaned away too. Lotus-San ipaint mimics this self-cleaning surface, saving maintenance costs, labor, energy, and ourselves from toxic chemicals. A chip in your smartphone mimics the way your ears and brain work together to separate signal from noise and amplify it.

From the humblest creatures to the most humbling, nature’s four billion year old R&D lab offers a bottomless treasure-trove of time-tested innovations. Radically disruptive ideas come from nowhere – transformative, surprising, yet somehow obvious and far-reaching. 

This is Biomimicry—careful observation of the living world, distilled into deep principles that stand the test of time, applied to our human challenges. 

Any challenge you can frame as “How would nature do it?” is fair game, because the rest of nature has the same problems we do - the need for energy or water, keeping precious things safe or dry or clean, protecting from floods or fire or freezing, turning carbon into building blocks.

How can nature help you?