Dr. Tamsin is an engaging storyteller with a deep reservoir of proven biological models for corporate success.

Need more engagement? More purpose? Better teamwork? How about more innovation? Dr. Tamsin can inspire your team with radical new perspectives and a commonsense approach for getting results NOW. She has given keynotes, workshops, and webinars to diverse audiences all over the world – sustainability for Standard Bank in South Africa, innovation for teams in Bangalore, India, and economic development and resilience in the Caribbean. She even did a sock puppet show about collaboration at the United Nations when the projector shut down, (because nature always makes do with what's at hand). She's facilitated a broad range of conversations around Innovation, Team Building, and Sustainability at leading edge companies like IDEO, Google, and Facebook. Check the BioInspired Ink blog to see some of these, or read and listen to her revolutionary thought leadership for groups like the Institute for the Future, UCSD's Thought Leaders of Biotech Beach, Leaders Love Company (voted Best Legal Podcast by members of the American Bar Association) Evolution Institute, Impact HUB Oakland, Jerry's Brain and many others

How can nature delight and inspire your team? Drop Dr. Tamsin a line and find out!