I’m Dr. Tamsin. 

I'm an Evolutionary Biologist, Anthropologist, and Biomimicry Professional, with almost 30 years experience studying nature's strategies. Today I bring these solutions to a Fortune 500 clientele, helping leaders and companies unlock greater innovation, agility, engagement, and resilience as a result. Every organism is a survivor, honed over billions of years to survive and thrive in a complex world.

Biomimicry is exciting, and the engineers, designers, and leaders are invariably on fire with new ideas and potential. But as their ideas get slow-tracked, or sidelined, or watered down, and their individual diversity and initiative is silenced, these passionate and creative individuals get frustrated and disengage. The fact of the matter is that our organizations aren’t designed to adapt change.

In a complex world, the structure becomes the strategy. We simply must design organizations that thrive on change.

We desperately need a better way to work. And the answer is all around us: ants and honeybees have managed their vast organizations for millions of years, surviving and thriving on change. Their strategies are simple and profound, and we can do it too.

When we do, we see incredible gains in agility, productivity, and innovation - numbers like these:

  • 17 times faster execution and effectiveness

  • 85% more productivity and innovation

  • 250% longer tenure

  • Double worker engagement

You can get these kinds of gains too.


Dr. Tamsin is an internationally known speaker, inspiring diverse audiences all over the world. She facilitates a broad range of conversations around innovation, agility, engagement, and resilience for leading edge companies like IDEO, Google, and Waggl, and thought leaders like the Institute for the Future, the Evolution Institute, Greenbiz VERGE, Scale Up Summit, the Growth Institute, Impact HUB, and many more.

Dr. Tamsin at the United Nations - an engaging storyteller!

Dr. Tamsin at the United Nations - an engaging storyteller!

Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature––the #1 trend in business today according to Fortune magazine.

That’s because of innovations like these:

  • Wind turbine blades that mimic the bumps on the leading edge of a humpback whale’s flippers minimize turbulence, making them 60% more efficient.

  • A paint mimics the way water rolls right off a lotus leaf, cleaning away dirt and eliminating labor, cost,s and chemicals.

  • A chip in your smartphone mimics the way your ears and brain separate signal from noise.

These solutions and many more are nature’s proven winners, disrupting industries and changing the game for those who came before.

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Teeming is a smart, funny, erudite guide to what makes superorganisms so extraordinary. It’s astonishing and practical, packed with simple rules for teams, for companies, for communities who want to coalesce effortlessly around a shared purpose. A vital slice of biological intelligence, served with scientific candor, grace, and wit.
— Janine Benyus, Co-Founder Biomimicry 3.8 and Biomimicry Insitute; Author Biomimicry
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With millions of species and time-tested strategies to draw from, biomimicry offers endless creative potential. Ensuring we get nature’s lessons right requires being true to the science, translating nature’s design principles with integrity, and making that wisdom accessible to those who put it in practice. Woolley-Barker gracefully does all three––honoring the science, teasing out the deep patterns, and spinning a compelling vision of a better future. This is a rich resource, and one worth taking the time to enjoy.
— Dayna Baumeister, PhD, Biomimicry 3.8; Director, Biomimicry Center ASU
Teeming is a labor of love, with a lifetime of research, experience, and thought poured into it. These are not facile sound bites, and they deserve a good read. You will certainly get your money’s worth. Start reading, and go about your business—Dr. Woolley-Barker’s superorganisms will jump out at you everywhere you go—at work, at home, and even on the evening news. Tamsin weaves a rich conversation full of entertaining adventure— a journey of the mind and spirit, and one you won’t forget.
— Jay Harman, CEO PAX Scientific and Author The Shark’s Paintbrush
Evolutionary biologist Woolley-Barker draws on the ancient R&D of living systems to show how nature can help us challenge Silicon Valley’s vertical hierarchies and billion dollar unicorns with self-organized systems that are functional, flat, agile, adaptive and resilient. Teeming is a timely, insightful, inspiring and enjoyable exploration of one of the deepest challenges facing not only the sustainable movement but all modern organizations—how to ensure the adaptive benefits of emergent coordination without the deadening impacts of command and control.
— Gil Friend, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Palo Alto; Founder, Natural Logic, Inc.
Teeming’s fantastic premise alone makes it a must-read; that we should look to nature to find new and innovative business insights is an idea whose time has come. What might have been merely an “interesting” book by lesser writer becomes a riveting page-turner that you won’t be able to put down in the hands of author Tamsin Woolley-Barker. With captivating biology stories (backed by her own rigorous field research) interwoven with humorous personal anecdotes, Woolley-Barker explains her bio-inspired ideas clearly and compellingly. Teeming is both a scientific treatise and a management guide, but ultimately it is a book that anyone from a school kid to CEO will find fascinating, accessible and inspiring.
— Jill Fehrenbacher, Founder, CEO, Publisher & Editor-in-chief Inhabitat.com
An easy-to-digest book with profound implications for the future of our social systems, Teeming overflows with poetic and scientific insight. With gracious ease, Dr. Woolley-Barker blends her passion and expertise for sociobiology, ecology and systems thinking to provide the theoretical insight and practical application we sorely need in redesigning organizational systems to flourish far into the future. Diverse, self-organizing, collaborative, and purposeful superorganisms provide powerful insight into how the firms of the future can adapt and thrive through transformative times, while creating conditions conducive for life to flourish. A must read for those with an eye on what our future could hold.
— Giles Hutchins, Author, Future Fit and The Nature of Business
Teeming is of great value to anyone interested in self-organization in nature and how we can apply our understanding of it to human organizations. We know how the cells in our bodies work together, but we know so little about what drives us as individuals within our larger groups. Woolley-Barker describes powerful principles we can borrow from nature’s societies to help our own organizations evolve to cope with rapid change. For me, as an expert in system theory and sociobiology, this book is now a permanent resident on my desk.
— Olga Bogatyreva, PhD, DSc, Director of BioTRIZ Ltd, and Author, Inventor’s Manual and Biomimetic Management
Truly a fascinating and inspiring read! Using the principles of Biomimicry, Sociobiology, and Evolution, Dr. Woolley-Barker shows how to transform your own company by emulating nature’s most efficient natural models and systems—all forged over billions of years of trial and error. Only the winningest systems have survived—why reinvent the wheel when you can take advantage of 3.8 billion years of optimization driven by natural selection? Teeming goes even further. By demonstrating that humans are an evolutionary novelty—“ant-like apes” with deeply biological adaptations for ensuring equity, fairness, and cooperation—Teeming makes the case that termite mounds and slime molds have something uniquely relevant to teach us about doing business. This “Stone Soup” cookbook will entertain you and blow your mind, while tangibly showing how to tailor your own superorganism for sustainable success.
— Paul T. Telfer, Ph.D, Managing Director, Congo Conservation Company and Sabine Plattner African Charities
I read this the second I received it, and found it incredibly inspirational. Congratulations are in order to Dr. Woolley-Barker for taking on such a momentous mission – transforming business, presenting this information for non-biologists like myself, and making it so fun to read – and succeeding! Biomimicry’s power is not limited to product design. Processes and systems can also be reshaped with nature’s strategies, culminating in business approaches that succeed in a turbulent world and respect life. Dr. Woolley-Barker inspires us with a fresh perspective and actionable approach for building efficient teams, purposeful organizations, collaborative networks, and more. Teeming is a mind-opening guide with huge potential for everyone involved in business!
— Zeynep Arhon, Founder, Trenddesk; Faculty Associate, Arizona State University
Click to preorder on Kickstarter!

Click to preorder on Kickstarter!


TEEMING was funded through contributions to my original Kickstarter campaign in 2015. Thanks to you, I attracted a publisher and TEEMING became a #1 Amazon Bestseller. Since then, I've received countless letters from people asking how they can put TEEMING to work. The result is EVOLVING TEEMING CULTURES, an interactive workbook for organizations that want to grow innovative, high-performance teams the same way nature does. And once again, I’m funding this effort with a Kickstarter campaign, because I know first hand the power of collective intelligence! 

If I can get to $15k by November 7, I can hire the editors and designers and go to print – everything I need to make this workbook work for YOU!

I’m offering fantastic campaign incentives - this is the perfect opportunity to bring me in for a keynote or a workshop. You can also get books. women’s empowerment t-shirts, or just say “count me in!” Thank you for your support!

"A must read for every manager in my organization."

R. Sadeghi, Chief Strategic Officer BIOVIA/Dassault Systemes

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