The most successful species are those that adapt to change, and the same is true in business. But there are limits to vertical growth, and our hierarchical structures can only grow so tall before they are overwhelmed by complexity and instability. Today's global organizations need a new, and more flexible,  way to sense and respond to change. TEEMING introduces you to Earth's most ancient and successful societies – the ants and termites, and vast fungal networks underground – which have already evolved a highly effective strategy. These creatures work in huge cities, for hundreds of millions of years, compounding their wealth from one generation to the next with no management whatsoever. Just four simple principles – Collective Intelligence, Distributed Leadership, Swarm Creativity, and Regenerative Value – allow these simple individuals to pool their diverse and independent experiences in order to create unexpectedly rich hotspots of abundance and resilience to change. We can do it too.



An entertaining and accessible read with profound implications for the future, Teeming takes us on a journey through nature’s most ancient and successful R&D labs, and gives practical prescriptions for redesigning organizations to flourish far into the future. Evolutionary biologist Woolley-Barker weaves poetic vision and deep scientific expertise to illustrate how flat, agile, and adaptive societies like ants, termites, and underground fungal networks self-organize for resilience and value. 

Teeming: How Superorganisms Work to Build Infinite Wealth in a Finite World is available from White Cloud Press.

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